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So you don't think Iran is a bigger threat today than it was 4 years ago? I guess they are not in the sense we could wipe them out in a short time. I was referring to the growing nuclear capabilities in Iran. Thought it was rather self explanatory and hardly worth a LOL.

I expect Israel to take care of the problem at some point and then escalation eventually involving us anyway. Hope it doesn't come to that but seems quite likely.
They are no threat whatsoever. The weapons program is really about satisfying certain conservative elements in the Iranian polity who really do want to go to war with Israel. Ahmadinijad has no interest in doing that whatsoever, but has to keep a lid on the real crazies in Iran's weird-assed political structure.

Well, given that we've been having back-channel discussions with Iran about their program, I expect this to be resolved. Remember, all politics is local, especially in Iran.
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