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Indicted, expelled Illinois state representative re-elected

Smith managed to win a resounding 63 percent of the vote in the statehouse race over Independent candidate Lance Tyson, who had been endorsed by Gov. Pat Quinn, Secretary of State Jesse White and other influential Democratic leaders.

Victor Henderson, Smith's attorney, described his client as an independent trailblazer that Springfield needs. Smith has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

"There were a lot of ministers who didnít want Martin Luther King up here in the '60s because he said he was causing problems," Henderson said, according to WBEZ. "Look what good he did. People wanted Nelson Mandela to be quiet. People wanted Jesus to be quiet."
So is he the next Nelson Mandela, the next MLK, or the next Jesus?

And sorry, but he is no trailblazer. This trail was blazed long ago.
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