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Sorry to all the people who worked their whole lives but we can give you what you're owed becuase you have to pay for countless others laziness or huge salaries within govt. Im not sayIng some people really can't provide for themselves but there is a reason we have a huge problem with immigration because there are jobs in the US.

Didn't read the article and jumped to conclusions. I'm all about taking care of the young, old, and disabled but all these souls who are fine physically is another issue. There is to much fraud going on in these programs and it's not fair people working 40-60 hour weeks have it harder than people defrauding these programs.

I'll say this about the health care I've received the last two years that has cost me a few thousands dollars and more from my insurance company. I talked to one doctor a total of 15 minutes in 7 visits and he explained absolutely nothing to me. It's all about volume of patients meaning more money for some of these doctors and not providing the information and proper care you need. It's not my fault some think their time is worth thousands of dollars an hour to mistreat, and under educate your patients. If I wanted to be a doctor and figure out things with my own work I'd of went to medical school. I didn't but these doctors who are treating me need to realize that it's not my fault they accrued a hundred thousand dollars of student loans than want to live in quater million dollar houses and drive at least 5 series BMW's right after getting out of school. Do what you pledged to do and help people get better.

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