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all states have conceal and carry laws. except ILL. downstate wants it. upstate says noway. but most gun laws are not even inforced well up state. had a brother that lived upstate for a few years. worked as a teller in a small store. got robbed at gunpoint. the cops asked him why wasn't he armed. go figure that one out. he worked on the edge of the south side. he left a few days after he got caught between to gangs having a gun battle in the streets. luckly he didnt get killed or even hurt. he was on his way home from work when that happened.

point being. what are the current gun laws doing to protect the citizens. absolutly nothing. gangs have guns. and no law will take the guns from the gangs and anyone that wants one. look at our drug laws and see how efective that is. look back to the twentys. outlawing alcohol. worked great. ( NOT)

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