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Originally Posted by DaytonIllini View Post
If our grandparents were told that we'd live in an America where the government can listen to our phone calls, read our emails, fly spy drones over our houses without warrants, track our movements with black boxes in cars, imprison us indefinitely without trial or access to legal counsel and EVEN have the executive try us in secret (without legislative or judicial oversight) in absentia and issue execution orders against us, they'd puke.
Depending on how old your grandparents are/were, they lived through the enforcement of the Espionage Act, the Palmer Raids, Prohibition, government court-packing and price-fixing schemes, the internment of the Japanese-American population, Red Scares, the most brazenly aggressive periods of the FBI and the era of the CIA attempting to overthrow half of the governments in Latin America.

I don't think they'd be clutching their pearls.

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