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Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke View Post
I'll beat that dead horse until only dust remains, but I still believe the correct action to take is training all adults who work in schools in any capacity. Teach them how to correctly engage a threat. And anyone who wishes to work at a school in any capacity must be required to sign a "Protect At All Costs," a "Fight Don't Flee" statement where they essentially are promising that rather than hiding under their damned desk waiting for authorities to show up, they instead seek out danger. And if they fail to protect children before themselves they are fired immediately and potentially subject to penalties. If you want to work with children, you have to be 100% committed to protecting them. Otherwise you have no business being there.

I saw the nurse on 60 Minutes describing how she hid under her desk, listening to the screams. I wanted to reach through my TV and smack her. How can you hide while you are hearing children scream? Rather live a coward than die with dignity and valor? How many kids might have survived if just 3 adults who were hiding instead ran towards the danger and tried to overwhelm that maniac?
Several adults ran towards the danger. They all ended up dead.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but schools do have regular trainings for this (at least the public schools in Illinois). The priority is already put on protecting the children at any cost and minimizing the potential for confrontation with a shooter - which I think most people would agree is as it should be.

We have first responders and police for a reason, and it is so we don't have to count on elementary school educators to act as shock commando units.

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