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I thought Schilling was a heavy MSU lean. Obviously these things can change until a guy signs on the dotted line, but do you know if MSU is a likely place for him to end up?
IMHO, Schilling may not have been academically approved by NCAA clearing house. He has been to 4 HS's in 4 years, w/ one of them a diploma mill. He has not taken any official visits that I know of and you can't if you haven't been cleared.
Regarding MSU, think of how far they fell when the offer they made for Parker actually ends up being Schilling. That would be crazy.
As previously stated, big men this late are almost impossible to find, thus supposedly all the interest from MSU, OSU, Duke, UCLA.
We'll see, but IMO we'll be very happy w/Morgan and glad Schilling went elsewhere even if it's to a "blue blood."
Supposedly Izzo was in Dayton but so was Matta.
Think Ibby when you think of late big man signing....

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