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End Sports Welfare!

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Sure Shot
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When Kubla Khan built his stately pleasure dome above a sunless sea, he did not strong-arm the Xanadu County Board of Directors into funding the project by threatening to move to Los Angeles. His mistake. He wouldn’t last five minutes as an American sports owner.
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Hm, I think this article is interesting, and there are obviously a lot of loopholes and problems to dismiss. However, I think the article dismisses what a stadium does economically by only talking about the construction. Think of the thousands of people each stadium employs, from janitors, ticket people, vendors, behind the scenes people, etc. Think of allll the food they sell every game, the venders who sell those hotdogs and food and bread and all of the cups and tin foil. All of the jeresys and merchandise, how much money restaurants and bars in an area like Wrigleyville make, and you could go on and on. Perhaps some of it is outsourced to another state, but a lot of it is not. I know for a fact that all the bread is local.
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