Summer conversations: Tim Beckman

Let's start by talking about traditions. You said it in your introductory press conference, that tradition is very important. Why is it so important to you?

I think it's the backbone of college football. I've been around football my entire life -- 47 years I've been around it -- and I've been involved in big-time football games. The Ohio State-Michigan games. Auburn-Alabama. Oklahoma State-Oklahoma. And my father was involved with the Steelers-Browns games in the NFL. So to me, tradition in football is the most important thing. It's important that the players understand tradition -- that they understand who it is they're playing for.

That's what I'm trying to portray to this team. It's not about the guys that are playing now, it's about the guys who have played in the past, the ones that built the program and gave you the opportunity to put on this uniform now.

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Sat, Sept 1Kent State 
Sat, Sept 8Western Illinois 
Sat, Sept 15USF
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2018 Illini Football

Sat, Sept 1Kent State 
Sat, Sept 8Western Illinois 
Sat, Sept 15USF
(Chicago, IL)
Fri, Sept 21Penn State 
Sat, Sept 29---Bye--- 
Sat, Oct 6@Rutgers 
Sat, Oct 13Purdue
Sat, Oct 20@Wisconsin 
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Sat, Nov 3Minnesota 
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