We needed that

Tyler Griffey needed those two dagger threes. He was great in Maui -- all six games this season, really -- but he still needed a moment. It's his senior year, and the first three years certainly didn't go as he had planned. Now, in his final go around, it couldn't be going better. Those two back-to-back dagger three pointers were The Moment in this game. From a scary 7 point lead to a solid 13 point lead in what seemed like 15 seconds. Attaboy, Tyler.

DJ Richardson needed this Maui win. He was Big Ten Freshman of the Year three years ago, and then sophomore struggles and more junior struggles. By the middle part of last year, he appeared to be so broken that most of us thought he'd never return. Tonight? He's back. 14 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and two beautiful baseline drives at key moments in the game that told the world "yes, I'm more than just a three point shooter".

Yes, "the world". It's the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and millions of people are out and about. Most of them at bars. With flatscreen TV's. Showing ESPN. From Charlotte to Spokane, bros are leaning over to their bros at the bar and saying "hey man, Illinois looks pretty good."

Man did we need that.


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