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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Pretty sure they went triangle and two in consecutive possessions and gave up wide open 3's both times. Pretty strange for a team that has thrived playing exclusively man defense.
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    In what facet of the game does Giorgi outperform Griffin anymore? About zero. He used to have a lethal post-up game and was great at passing out of the post... but both have gone into the crapper since he's apparently been working on every other part of his game that he struggles with (perimeter...
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    So... Anybody else pissed?
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Just about spitting images of one another too.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Iowa, Sunday, February 2nd, 12:00pm CT, FS1

    Discipline AG further when he has already went out of his way to publicly voice his opinion on Twitter that the Big Ten's punishment for AG was already excessive?
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    Illinois 64, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    I wouldn't go so far as to call him soft, but he sure gets less physical the closer his opponent is to his own size...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Saturday, January 25th, 11:00am CT, FS1

    Maybe he should stop making so many mistakes then? Might keep him in the game longer...
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    Alan Griffin suspended 2 games

    This is horse crap.
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    1/18 Games

    I expect Drew will land another job this spring and do quite well somewhere.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2020)

    " "Money well spent, Jake... Both times!"
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    Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

    Proud of the boys, but I'm just going to throw some respect out to Rutgers and Steve Piekell real quick. That team is tough as nails.
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    Well I mean, YouTube and stuff... My students were giving me hell today because I didn't know what TicToc (?) was... Still don't really... so yeah, I'm old I guess lol.
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    I was thinking, as a kid from Chicago, I'm sure Ayo has seen the Jordan dagger against the Jazz...
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    There was a play where Wisconsin got a second chance rebound and put up another shot and Ayo went up and absolutely ripped it away from Giorgi. He was playing mad and it was the most intense I've seen him play, and I told everyone he was going to win it for us in crunch time. What a performance...
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    Illinois 63, Purdue 37 POSTGAME

    I was trying to pay attention, but not 100% sure... But it seems they only run that when there is 1 big on the floor?