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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    Count me as one who does not like the defense being employed. I prefer to force teams to take uncomfortable shots rather than relying on them screwing up and turning the ball over. I don't know if it can work in the B1G. Until this defense gets light years better, it's hard to say the team next...
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    The Bracket

    Think people are underestimating Bruce's KSU team. If Wade is healthy, they make S16 or farther.
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    2018-2019 Post Mortem

    This year, he did. He also won 20 games last year.
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    2018-2019 Post Mortem

    This isn't necessarily true. It is much easier to make teams successful quickly in basketball. Look at what Keatts has done his first two years at NC State as a for instance. This isn't a football rebuild. Football requires more depth and the difference in strength needed between the two sports...
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    It shouldn't take that long to rebuild in basketball. This isn't a football rebuild, where you need depth at multiple positions. Unless things don't get better in a hurry next year, there are going to be serious questions regarding BU's ability to turn this thing around.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Offensively or defensively?
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    Illinois 74, Northwestern 69 OT POSTGAME

    For me it's hard to get too excited about the win. We played uninspired basketball against the worst team in the B1G without their go to player. 5 good minutes of overtime doesn't negate the horrible display of basketball for the other 40 minutes of that game. Still unimpressed and unsure of BU...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    Anyone keeping track of how many times Barnhart is saying "puts up a wild shot" when referencing Illinois. WTH does BU teach them? Offense and defense is pathetic.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Think we should add LSU to the list preemptively? Given the Wade phone call and all.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

    This game is why I refuse to accept that relying on TO's is a viable strategy. You can't count on turning someone over 15+ times a game. And when that doesn't happen, teams get whatever they want offensively.
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    Wisconsin 72, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    At some point, it's also on the coach to either a) get his players to play to their potential. b) coach them up above their potential. With the exception of GB, this isn't happening.
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    Wisconsin 72, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    Wiscy shot over 50% on 2's and 3's. A game after Iowa shot over 60% on 2's and 70% on 3's. Spare us the narrative that the defense is improving.
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    1/22 Games

    I get what you and the board are saying when this is brought up. But I'm sorry, this isn't football. It doesn't and shouldn't take long to turn things around in basketball, just based on the number of people who contribute to a given game. Thus far, MN has been the outlier of how this team has...
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    1/22 Games

    That we had an insane shooting night.
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    1/9 Games

    Completely agree. With a healthy Wade, they probably keep it close against Texas and are able to come back (or don't fall behind as far) against Tech.