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    Why the Duke Hate?

    Duke is hated because they are so successful in attracting recruits, winning games and championships, filling their 'hallowed' arena; all on a regular basis. Jealousy might be the right word to describe the reason. People love to hate simple as that. And I'm one of them :)
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    National Championship Game: Duke 61, Butler 59

    Duke well and truly deserved it. I was rooting for Butler all through, but I'm not pissed at Duke winning it. Had it been against us, I would have felt that all the calls were going in favor of Duke. But since I didn't have that 'ulterior' motive, I felt that the refs were pretty impartial.
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    National Championship Game: Duke 61, Butler 59

    wow! what a game. feel bad for butler, but a great game nonetheless.
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    How does your Illini room compare to ilphotog's?

    Amy - Wow! That's awesome! Cary - Sad to hear that your legendary room has been retired. It was as good as they come.
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    A Peek At Next Year

    Karl Rove is our new coach next year It's not a photoshop!
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    Champaign Urbana Construction Projects

    The Boneyard plan looks great. Finally they seem to be delivering on past promises.
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    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Sunday Games

    Wisky looking all over the place right now.
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    Ohio State 88, Illinois 81 2OT POSTGAME

    A great game from our boys in orange. We now seem to be a lock for the big dance.
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    Illinois 58, Wisconsin 54 POSTGAME

    Big Dance..Here we come :)
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    Illinois 51, Michigan 44 POSTGAME

    Ugly game...but the good thing is that we got the much needed win.
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    Texas, Notre Dame reportedly not on list of Big Ten expansion candidates

    I'm all for Rutgers. Being in NY, that'll give me a great chance to go and watch our beloved Illini in action.
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    Champaign-Urbana businessman Shahid Khan attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams

    On a (un)related note ;)