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    Illinois-Ohio State Game Cancelled

    Can we play Nebby tomorrow, even though they got beat today?šŸ˜„
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    I hope he's not done, because I think he can still contribute. I've never once cringed, even this year, when I see that's he's the starter. But I can't blame him if he wants to give it up and go home and spend time with his wife and kids. He's earned it.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Scouting report on Bote: "Don't even think about throwing him a low fastball with men on base in August...EVER!!!" Woo hoo!
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Plus he's in a contract year, so...
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    The announcers said in the next inning that catch/trap calls are not reviewable in the infield. Can't find it mentioned in the rules, but here's what Wikipedia says about it. The following plays will be reviewable under the system: Ground-rule doubles Fan interference calls Boundary calls...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

    Awesome, I've always wanted to be an insider!
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    As wpr mentioned earlier, it's funny how the passage of time alters your memory. It was the national Game of the Week, so Harry did the play by play on WGN-AM, but "The Good Kid" was still doing color. And because of my friendship with Lou, I got to meet Denny McLain once. Denny shook my hand...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    I was driving from Peoria to begin a new life/career in the Chicago area and was listening to the game on WGN-AM. Almost turned it off when we fell behind early on, but I only knew one other radio station, WLS, and figured I'd stick with it. By the time I got to my new destination, I was yelling...
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    Iowa Football Program Culture Criticism
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    Jerry Sloan passes away

    RIP Jerry, one of my favorite players and coaches. Wonder how different his life would have been if he'd stayed in Champaign. But I doubt he ever looked back.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    I have a friend who works for MLB. What he told me is that the proposal is Spring training at every team's home park beginning June 1, real games July 1 and fans allowed on Aug 1.
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    2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes IFHL, thanks for doing this, a lot easier to come here and not have to navigate some of the other sites to just find the picks. Good work!
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    Transfers Thread

    My vote
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    15th Anniversary of the Illini Elite Eight comeback vs. Arizona

    And Bill Murray was at both Game 7 and ILL/AZ. Some guys have all the luck.