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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    A relief pitcher with a history of injuries + Joe Maddon as Manager = Bad investment
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    NBA Thread

    Gregg Popovich rant.
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    Transfers Thread

    The Scheme.
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    TV Shows

    It gets better!
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    TV Shows

    Don't know where to put this but The Scheme on HBO is quite entertaining. This is my basketball fix.
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    TV Shows

    Recommend binge watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime. One of the best sci-fi shows ever.
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    Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

    Bote up with the bases loaded would have been interesting.
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    Coaching Carousel
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    Basketball Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Mississippi Valley State

    If the Illini lose, maybe Underwood can get an extension.
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    Northwestern 24, Illinois 16 POSTGAME

    Fitzgerald must want the Illini to retain Lovie as coach.
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    Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

    Maybe they can package Kintzler and Tyler Chatwood to St. Louis for Dexter Fowler and cash. :)
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    Chicago Cubs 2018 Season

    Contreras pitch framing skills are not good. He seems to be the one constant. The Cubs could use a David Ross. Gimenez?
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    Chicago Cubs 2018 Season

    Wow. What a win!
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    Chicago Bears 2017-2018

    I was hoping for a return of Lovie. :D