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    War Chant has been retired

    Just my opinion, but this is what we really need to start blasting on third downs. Imagine being the opposing QB lining up under center, just to hear 60K die-hard Illini fans belting this out. How could you even get a play off, let alone pay attention to what coverage is coming at you? I tell...
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    D-1 Hockey at Illinois?

    The announcement is for an NHL sponsored feasibility study.
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    12/14 Games

    Their quarter ended a week ago.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Rutgers, Saturday, October 15th, 11:00am CT, ESPNews

    What was the question? I can't get audio right now.
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    Western Michigan 34, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    There are probably a lot of other reasons for bad tackling. It makes sense to me to focus most of your practice on systems (which are brand new) and hope kids who were recruited to play D1 football can tackle.
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    Grange Grove & Tailgating

    To run with this a bit, anyone have experience parking a coach bus in any of these lots? I know Lots 31, 42, & 45 are all designated for oversized vehicles, but I can't find any info on if spaces there need to be reserved. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Beer sales at Memorial Stadium?

    My point is that current students who go to bars or block for football games typically spend less than $10 for their entire day. No one is interested in spending $10 on a ticket on top of $7 for a beer. At that point, you're not deterring kids from spending money to drink, you're just...
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    Beer sales at Memorial Stadium?

    If that is the case, a lot of college kids will continue not attending the games as well.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    All I see is that Lovie followed him on Twitter. Nothing indicating a flip.
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    Lovie Smith Named Illinois Football Coach

    I'm still holding out hope for Les Miles. :hailtotheorange:
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    Illinois Basketball 2016-2017

    Franklin Delano Bluth messaged me that his best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from a guy at a hot dog stand who knows this kid who goes to a certain barber shop who saw Big Mike pass out at 31 Flavors after the season defining victory over Rutgers. I guess it's pretty...
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    The Illinois AD Search

    Why is everyone so worked up about hiring a search firm when everyone else involved is clearly in over their heads? Should have been done within 10 days of firing Thomas.