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    Iowa 83, Illinois 62 POSTGAME

    At this point I’ll take John Groce N.I.T berths rather then 2 losing seasons in a row. I’m tired of copping pleas for mediocrity. Great coaches adjust there philosophies to benefit the team. Plus the season was over in December. So the young guys should’ve been playing period. I’m all for...
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    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    I don’t get why people are upset with not getting a DC. Lovie may just feel he will have a better shot at coaching up and calling his defense his self. He gets to coach the defense up more closely. Lovie trust his system failure or success the defense falls on Lovie and only Lovie. I like that...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

    Where is Tevian Jones???
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    Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

    Jones should move in the lineup over Damonte. The kid can play I can live with the mistakes the young guys need to play period.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Let’s get this W
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    I It’s borderline incompetence on Underwood part. Coach Antigua had to stop him from pulling Jones out on the one offensive foul call.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    This just shows that Underwood underuse these freshmen shame on him
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    More and more watching Ayo he really can be a 1 done player. Hopefully he stays but he has NBA type game.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    We the onl Ofcourse our young team not ready. I wonder why???
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Man no question the freshmen should play big minutes the rest of the season. Underwood needs to give these kids leadway to play and learn. Being on the bench is not helping!!!
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    Wisconsin 72, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    Honestly, the only way to be ready is to actually play meaningful minutes and be allowed to play through mistakes. 2 mins of game play want get you ready. Kipper has been ineffective. Shooting was badly needed. Last time I heard Alan Griffin can shoot. Give Tevian Kipper minutes period.Samba...
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    Wisconsin 72, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    Play the young guys. Griffin,Tevian, and Samba. Time to set the foundation for next year. Win,Lose,or draw. I’m tired of seeing hapless Kipper and ineffective De La Rosa.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    I’m not upset at Jeff Thomas for sticking with Miami. I’m just upset how he told a Illinois reporter he was coming less then 24 hours ago just to nut punch us and make us look like a joke on Twitter. Perception is everything. And his classless coach adding fuel to fire just got my coals a little...
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    Florida Atlantic 73, Illinois 71 OT POSTGAME

    John Groce was a better coach let’s be honest in here
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    Missouri 79, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

    How about you play them now when we actually need them not when you desperate