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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

    Sad for Ayo and Kofi that they could not showcase their skills in the tourney and get selected in this draft. Covid - 19 destroyed a lot of plans. Next season could be a loaded team here. I already miss Alan Griffin.
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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    This kid is a surefire player. Draft him. Go Ayo. Great watching you play. What a stud.
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    I loved watching Alan Griffin play. Wish him well in the future, I am a lifelong fan.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Ohio State, Thursday, March 5th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN

    I respectfully, straight up could not disagree more. I don't give a rat's about the title, take me to the S16 or E8. Turn this into a program who make it to the second weekend consistently
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    Pregame: Illinois at Ohio State, Thursday, March 5th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN

    Round of 32 versus Miami .... come on Robert.
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    Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

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    B1G Tournament Forecasting Thread

    Gotta say I have had a ton a great success scalping in Indy. Great tickets and good prices especially is MSU loses early because they travel well.
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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    Totally agree, I am a huge Chambers fan. Look what he has done with this program! However, that dude was all over the place in the huddle where Underwood was chill. Chambers gave like 12 instructions in one timeout where as Brad was like "run this play". I was impressed with Underwood being so...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Nebraska, Monday, February 24th, 7:00pm CT, BTN

    This reminds me of the Northwestern game, gotta win these easier teams at home.
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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    That foul on Ayo's last shot ticks me off, that center was obviously moving and made contact with Ayo.
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Terps are a hell of a team.
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    Illinois 59, Minnesota 51 POSTGAME

    Kofi dove on the ground for a loose ball as time expired winning by 8. Yaaaaa... let that sink in.
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    The next 6 games are so brutal Minn - Penn State. I could see this or any team losing all 6. However the final 5 games 1. Nebraska 2. @ Northwestern 3. Indiana 4. @ OSU 5. Iowa we could win all 5.