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    Pregame: Illinois vs The Citadel, Wednesday, November 20th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    Its listed as an exhibition on their website. Can it be an exhibition for them and a game for us? Seems unlikely, but I don't know
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    Illinois 66, Hawaii 53 POSTGAME

    I can't help wondering if he will return next year. I know nothing, just observing that he surely came to play ball and he's not playing much for Illinois. We all know its his own fault, but that doesn't increase the fun factor. Fingers crossed.
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    Illinois 66, Hawaii 53 POSTGAME

    Agree with this across the board
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    I love this thought. And I'll admit that I didn't read the article. But why would this make sense for anyone, including Adam? The silent commitment? SMH Maybe I had better read the article.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Good point
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    That is very exciting ! As I was reading your note, I was thinking "why the day after the signing period?" That is obviously strategic. Then you explained it perfectly, making me feel better than anything other than the actual commitment and signed LOI. Thank you
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Arizona

    We've made two baskets at this end for zero points. What?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Arizona

    Can't start any better. Way to go
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    Illinois 37, Michigan State 34 POSTGAME

    Josh Whitman will sleep like a baby tonight. After being at risk three weeks ago, he is moving on up... To the East Side
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    Week 11 Games

    Minnesota up on P State, 24 - 10 But PSU has the ball at the Minnie 3 yard line with :03 to go. Interesting play call situation for the pedophiles Edit: Took the 3 points, so now boat rowers 24, others 13
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    Week 11 Games

    Lol, I can agree that it would take a lot And that scenario is a lot. Well played
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    Nicholls State beat Pitt (11/9 Games)

    Tonight Texas at Purdue Oklahoma at Minnesota Could be good tape for BU later in the season
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    Pregame: Illinois at Michigan State, Saturday, November 9th, 2:30pm CT, FS1

    Man, you know there is a lot of excitement when there are 12 pages in the PREGAME thread ! Are we a football school now?
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    Illinois 83, Grand Canyon 71 POSTGAME

    I remember a lot of that too. Very effective asset . . .