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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    Side note... in the Juice Williams days, they wore O/B/W for most home games, if I recall. And then later on, they wore O/O/W a lot at home (sort of looked like Clemson). Would be interesting to see either of those make an appearance. I also used to like the O/B/B unis as a kid in the 1980s...
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    I liked the grey ghost unis and the O/W/W set at Iowa.
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    12/3 Games

    Tell you what... after losing to our football rival, who was having a terrible season, I really hope it doesn't happen in hoops too.
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    Miami 81, Illinois 79 POSTGAME

    I can't decide who took that game over more: Lykes or Dakich.
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    Agreed. I say next season the goal should again be 6 or 7 wins. Reach back to back bowl games just to show a hint of sustainability. If we go back to 4 wins in 2020, that's trouble. Illinois is always on the slippery slope of reverting back to the Big Ten bottom dwellers.
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    I don't think it's bad of him to go for 2. Going up 21 makes sense. Illinois has won two improbably games this year. You never know.
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    Iowa 19, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    Was really impressed by the defense today. This game was winnable, but just too many turnovers and too many drops. Oh well. Good effort. Our guys play really hard.
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    Illinois 37, Michigan State 34 POSTGAME

    I've seen a lot of people questioning the pass interference call in the end zone at the end. To me, that looked like an easy call. The DB started grabbing the guy's shoulder pads as soon as he crossed the goal line. That was clearly P.I., wasn't it?
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    Illinois 37, Michigan State 34 POSTGAME

    This could make grown men cry.
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    Groce / Akron Lawsuit

    Okay, good points there. I'm sure some on here are more familiar with this stuff than me. I just don't recall seeing many anti-white/anti-Catholic lawsuits being thrown around.
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    Groce / Akron Lawsuit

    The nature of the beating and the negligence in not helping the player get medical treatment sounds terrible. But is it just me or does discrimination against someone for being white and Catholic (in midwestern America, no less) sound like a tough case to prove?
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    Michigan 42, Illinois 25 POSTGAME

    I say keep IW's redshirt this season and start him next season as a redshirt freshman. Peters should NOT be starting next year. He's not going to take this program where it needs to go.
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    Dick Butkus Statue

    On the plaque below the statue, I think they should have just kept it simple with this great quote I just heard in the Butkus highlight video someone posted in this thread... Dick Butkus – He was Moby Dick in a goldfish bowl.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan, Saturday, October 12th, 11:00am CT, ABC

    I like the all blues, but I still think we should go with the orange helmet. So, O/B/B.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, October 5th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

    I have a really bad feeling about this game. Hope I'm wrong. I don't think we'll cover the spread. I don't think this game will be close at all. Then again, I didn't think we'd cover against Nebraska, and we did. So who knows?