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    2/5 Games

    Too funny, Iowa blew their .... against Illinois Iowa exposed
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    Kahlil Whitney leaving Kentucky

    Patience is a virtue. The young man will get paid to play basketball, but for how long and where? If he chooses going pro now, he may wash out in a couple seasons, if he goes to school, he matures, both physically and mentally, and his game will grow and be showcased for a future draft. I...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Iowa, Sunday, February 2nd, 12:00pm CT, FS1

    I would put Damonte on Wisecamp, and have the guards help on Garza. It always seems like an unknown player from Iowa comes through against Illinois, so watch out for Frederickson sp. If the D stays like it has been, it will be close and a win.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Minnesota

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    Wisconsin: Kobe King transferring, Brad Davison suspended for 1 game

    He would have gotten 2 games against any other team, but Iowa deserves it
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    Illinois 64, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    Ayo NBA , the mans name is Ayo and hes a badass
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    Illinois 64, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    Cold blooded. WOW
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Near The Quad Cities, too close to Iowa City.
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    Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

    At one point in the game, Illinois had Giorgi, AF, and Damonte running a wave, we were down at the time. Could someone explain where the offense was going to come from in this scenario? They packed in the paint getting bored watching guys who can't shoot run around. IMO, Damonte should only...
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    Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

    D UP!!! Wow , Ayo was gonna be denied. Rutgers is impressive, they hit some tuff shots. Great team defense by Illinois
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    Missouri 63, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    That is exactly how I feel, I let myself get sucked in to the modest expectations. I am now in a wait and see/ prove it to me , state of mind.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs North Carolina A&T, Sunday, December 29th, 1:00pm CT, ESPNU

    After the Missouri game ,what's the point, every aspect of the game needs improvement. Make a layup in this game and it's a success
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    2020 NBA Draft

    A young Patrick Ewing, I hope šŸ‘