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    Wisconsin 45, Illinois 7 Postgame

    The result really shouldn't be all that surprising. How many players do we have that could start at Wisky? Ibebe for sure. 2 or 3 more? Not many, What's worse is there a single coach at IL that you'd take over their counterpart at Wisky? Can't think of one. That's where we are in year 5 of...
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    Wisconsin 45, Illinois 7 Postgame

    I'll try not to overreact to the game. An OL full of returning starters couldn't get any run game established, and wasn't all that great at pass blocking either. One WR that could get open with any consistency. Not much pass rush and some really terrible pass defense. People are faulting Rod...
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    Tevian Jones enters transfer portal

    This was the easiest transfer to predict. Kid couldn't get out of his own way at IL, couldn't play a lick of D. Best of luck to him wherever he goes but he needs to be careful where he chooses. Lower level would seem to be a better fit.
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    AG was a tough kid who got in there and mixed it up. He played with a lot of energy and was a natural rebounder. Pretty good shooter as well. Sad to see him go. Starter or not he would have been a contributor.
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Can't win if you can't make shots. Just gawd awful offense in the 2nd half.
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Born and raised in the Metro East been here ever since. Lifelong Fighting Illini and Cardinal fan.
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    1/12 Games

    It's a nutty league. More unpredictable than any season I can remember.
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    I didn't watch the game as we don't have BTN down here at the beach house (good that I didn't bet it before). I expected a loss as most of us did. Big win for the guys and the program, in fact a massive win. On to Rutgers. Might as well get ready for a wild ride in the B1G, gonna be a gauntlet.
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    Michigan State 76, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    We shot horribly on the road against a top 10 opponent. Shouldn't come as a surprise that we lost and looked bad doing it. Gotta find a couple of guys who can knock down a perimeter shot with some consistency, don't know who those 2 are right now. I'm not an XandO guy but BU needs to put in some...
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    Illinois 71, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    My first time at SFC, been wanting to get back up there since the remodel. Place looks great. We had great seats down by the band. Great game. I liked that the refs didn't call every ticky tack foul that they could, it made for much better game flow. We had a shaky minute there at the end...
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    Redbox Bowl Pregame: Illinois vs Cal, Monday, December 30th, 3:00pm CT, FOX

    A bowl game is a great end to this season so I won't complain much but it would sure be nice to play in an actual neutral site bowl game. We gave LSU a home game in the Sugar Bowl, USC a home game in the Rose Bowl, Baylor a home game in the Texas Bowl, etc. now Cal a home game in this bowl.
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    Illini Women's Basketball 2019-2020

    Hiring a coach from D3 not likely to be a good long term move. Maybe she gets up to speed soon, but time is running out.
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    Death of Deadspin

    I went there frequently. Lots of good articles and enjoyable reads about the world of sport. The inability to stay away from the extreme leftist politics is what ultimately did them in.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2019)

    IIRC a Billiken was an Irish good luck charm.
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    Illinois 24, Purdue 6 POSTGAME

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Do we have a football team? It appears so.