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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2020)

    I felt sad for Groce at the time. He finally got a true high caliber point guard to commit to playing for his team and then he gets fired.
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    Griffin, Ayo and Andre are big losses offensively, and it will take a bit to get all the new pieces flowing on that side of the floor. But defensively we should be very solid from day one. Our defense will make us good out of the gate, and the offense will come. I still think we will be...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2020)

    Let's see if Adam Miller can help close the deal with Brandon Weston. I love what Nick Irvin has to say about his game. “Brandon Weston is a stone-cold killer," Irvin told Illini Inquirer earlier this month. "He’s an assassin out there on the basketball court. You can’t stop him because he goes...
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    Glad you are on board Miller. Now let's keep Kofi for another year.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2020)

    I am hungry for some good news. Here's to hoping.
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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    If I were Ayo, the possibility of Kofi not being at Illinois would now be added to my pros and cons list about returning.
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    Illini Basketball Press Conference (3/31)

    Haven't listened to Giorgi yet, but enjoyed the Underwood interview.
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    Tevian Jones enters transfer portal

    Tevian and Alan were the two players I was most excited to see play coming into this season. I loved the potential of both of them, and now they are both gone. Tevian reminds me a lot of DJ Williams. A kid with a ton of potential that you could see in flashes, but never was able to fully get...
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    Underwood mentioned once how no one liked to guard Alan in practice because he always played so hard. That kind of effort elevates an entire team.
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    Sad to hear this. He is one of my favorite players. Love his heart and grit. If you are reading this Alan, not to late to change your mind.
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    I am so not ready for off season Illini loyalty yet.
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    Illinois 71, Nebraska 59 POSTGAME

    This team misses a lot of bunnies. But we find a way to win most of the time. Not ideal, but I'll take it.
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    Underwood changes his style

    I read that yesterday. I find it refreshing to have a coach who is so open about what he wants to do and the type of player he is wanting to run it. And humble enough to openly state that the way he wants to play doesn't seem to work at this level. And then smart enough to make adjustments.
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    2020 NBA Draft

    I've seen some, but unfortunately not the norm. This is just yesterdays from Sports Illustrated. "Miami Heat guard Kendrick Nunn is making a strong case to challenge for the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award. Nunn had another statement game in Wednesday’s victory against the San Antonio Spurs at...
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    2020 NBA Draft

    To bad Illinois isn't getting the publicity from Nunn. The articles often talk about the surprise success of the undrafted rookie from Oakland University.