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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    Euroleague season canceled. Hope this means BP3 will join.
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    Former BBall Recruiting Targets

    Cliff’s hat trick back in the news NBA'S CLIFF ALEXANDER ARREST VIDEO ...Cops Brought Up H.S. Ranking During Stop!!!
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    Patrick Ewing Tests Positive for Covid 19

    My best to him and his son Jalen Brunson
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Underwood has talked about Hutch at 1-3 and Grandison at 2-4, so it seems like won’t get much at the 4...
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    Transfers Thread

    I would take one Gach, but do we have room for Both?
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    It wasn’t me - this was a post by someone else a while back who put the sim together
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021
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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    Just listened to La Tulip interview on Tay Piper podcast. Good listen. Link here- We can expect 9 on roster. He’s very focused on adding shooting with the remaining spots. Player 7 will...
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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    Feliz, Rice, Hill, Black, Finke, Egwu. Not bad. Looks like rosters are minimum 7 and if you go over 9 you have to pay an additional $1000 per player. So I’d expect 7-9 on roster, which means 1-3 more. On my request list: BP3, DJ, AJ. Would love to get...
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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    I misread- didn’t realize mccamey was joining OSU team again. Come on!
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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    Wow! Great team coming together
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    2020 NBA Draft
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    Fighting Illini Basketball Scholarship Grid 2019-2020

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    2020 NBA Draft

    Here’s an aggregate from a few weeks ago that has Ayo 51. Incorporates ESPN, SI, Athletic, CBS, Sporting News and a few others. the drafts it’s pulling from all over the place. Ayo is in...
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    Illinois alumni team in TBT

    Great article about Rice looking forward to TBT and back on his time as an Illini. Loved him on Illini and it looks like he’s developing more as a PG and is doing great overseas but still thinking of pursuing NBA. Awesome Champaign product, super athlete, competitive and fun to watch...