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    Pregame: Illinois vs Akron, Saturday, August 31st, 11:00am CT, BTN

    I'd recommend Schoolyard Tavern on Southport. It's an Illini bar and the Cubs are playing that afternoon, so it should be a pretty good atmosphere and crowd in there.
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    English Premier League 2019-2020

    I would also be down for the EPL fantasy league. If not this year, we should set one up for next year. -Liverpool didn't sign much, but I am excited for Harvey Elliott (16 year old from Fulham) -None, but I see Lovren leaving next season most likely. I wish we would have been able to resign...
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    Illini Basketball 2017-2018

    Correct his grandfather is Lou. His dad is Rick Malnati who played at Bradley. Lou Malanti's even opened up a restaurant in Peoria in the Mid 80's when he was there.
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    Illini Bars

    The closest Illini bar to Wrigley is Schoolyard Tavern on Southport and School. It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the south stretch of the Clark Street Wrigley bars. It's honestly been a rough decade for Illini bars in Chicago with Rebel, now The Country Club, switching to FSU and Durkin's...
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    A Josh Whitman Gem

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they recreated this ad with Josh haha?
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    Pregame: Illinois vs BYU (United Center), Saturday, December 17th, 8:30pm CT, BTN

    Appreciate the code, that is much better! I think sneaking down to the 100 or 200 level may be easier too with the double header.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs BYU (United Center), Saturday, December 17th, 8:30pm CT, BTN

    Honestly, I am shocked too. I am still on the fence on going Saturday, but two tickets cost $100 total with fees in the 300 level?? Not one to normally complain on ticket prices, but these prices lack plain common sense with the state of the program. Right now you can still get row 1 of section...
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    English Premier League Thread 2016-2017

    I understand Gunner fans frustrations though. Sagna started for France in the Euro final and he started for Man City on Saturday. Wenger knew with Mertesacker and Welbeck out he would be lacking depth at CB and Striker. Why would he give Giroud and Koscielny extra time off? Sanchez and Theo are...
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    Da'Monte Williams (2017 PG) commits to Illinois

    Da’Monte and Manual coach Derrick Booth were on ESPN Peoria 96.5 with Jim Mattson yesterday. I missed it live, but was able to find a link. The interview is the second from the top and takes a few seconds to appear. Some highlights from them both: -Booth...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January-March 2016)

    I remember hearing Negron was a huge fan growing up and I know both of Smith's parents went to U of I. Smith had 27 points about a couple weeks ago against Niles North and he had 18 points last week against North Chicago to help Stevenson clinch the North Suburban conference. I guess the...
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    Da'Monte Williams (2017 PG) commits to Illinois

    His Royal Part II? Congrats Monte and what a great get! So happy for the Peoria Pipeline to be back!
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    English Premier League Thread 2015-2016

    beIN Sports USA has the rights to the League Cup if you have that with your cable package. You can usually find a stream on Reddit Soccer during the game, but I don't have one right now. I am hoping the Reds face the Blue Noses in a Merseyside final. That hasn't happened since the FA Cup final...
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    State Farm Center Renovation

    I have a feeling they wont be able to fill it out based on this article from the Peoria Journal Star from a couple weeks back. You won't get all 1,100 Krush members to go to every game due to class or having to study for a test the next day etc. Maybe they will open it up for students to...
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    State Farm Center Renovation

    I think they are referring to the Loge Box Seats behind the basket. The new updated renderings show them having more of a wood or brown finish not gray. You can also see that they took one section of the Loge Box Seats out behind the south end of the court and replaced them with regular seats. I...
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    State Farm Center Renovation

    I don't think the Orange Krush will be sitting down, but I think it depends on how many members they get this year. To realistically have all 1,200 seats in the lower bowl filled for every game they will need 1,500 members plus. Not every Orange Krush member will go to every game. Orange Krush...