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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    On that last play (and it's freaking genius if it was on purpose) is the "sort-of" screen Trent sets right before Ayo makes his move. I'm guessing BU knew they would be overplaying Ayo to force him left. But the defender is only shading him at first. Basically saying, "I'll give you your left...
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    Bill to require Native American approval of mascots

    If there is written precedent to where it came from, and it wasn't related to Indian culture, the university can simply say "tough nuts" to whoever is trying to get the name removed. I just hope there is a staunch defender of the name that won't give in to the overzealous minority on this.
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    Coaching Carousel

    I'd be very interested in hearing John Beilein do some color commentary. He is a really good X's and O's coach so I'm guessing he is well versed on the technical sides of basketball. And at 67, maybe he doesn't care about pissing anyone off and will tell it like it is.
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    Coaching Carousel

    This is the first level he has failed at right? Crazy career that guy has had. He is deeply connected and well respected in the coaching world, I'm sure. I wonder if he's gotten wind of some potential retirements/vacancies at the blue bloods? Self might not stick around depending on what the...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    What we lose in Ayo and Feliz (their ability to create) I'm hoping we offset by the fact that we could have way more shooters on the team next year. That by itself will open up the lanes and allow Kofi to go to work consistently. Can you imagine a world where teams can't even double Kofi...
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    Was it the same ref that made the ridiculous foul call on Feliz at Maryland that gave them 2 free throws with basically no time left on the clock?
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    Yikes. And how exactly did the fans at SFC take said call??
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    So I couldn’t see the game. Can anyone explain the weird foul call on Ayo that (I’m guessing) kept MSU in the game near the end? I have heard it mentioned so many times (even from BU) so it must have been a really bad call.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Just saw something from yahoo sports that said the reds might win the NL Central. Is this real life? They went 75-87 last year so not THAT far off from at least being in the hunt...I just didn’t realize they were primed to make a leap forward.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    I wonder if Adam Miller just saw his perfect opportunity to help us be a complete team by shooting over the zone we struggle with consistently.
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    RECALIBRATING Honestly, this sucks...and it sucks hard to lose it at home with so much on the line. But there is a good chance we got beat by the league champs today. My hope for the regular season title is gone. (No matter how long of a shot that was) Now I’ve simply stepped back to hoping...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Well, Maryland is a good team. We will lose and won’t win the B1G. But plenty of season left to get a good seed.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Giorgi is way too loose. He needs to stop and focus. Stop playing out of control with his passes and dribbling.
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    Betiku to the NFL

    If he gets drafted it'll be purely on potential right? He has to learn more moves and can't run over people in the NFL. Or maybe he'll be drafted as an LB?