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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    Today's game was SUCH a downer after the last several weeks. Just when you think we've turned the corner...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

    And at the time in the game those posts were made, were they wrong?
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan

    How can Illinois revenue sports be THIS bad for THIS long? Mediocre would be something to strive for, as both men's FB and BB... they're bloody [CENSORED] awful! Not meh but shockingly bad. Replacing the AD has accomplished exactly SQUAT thus far... smh... ffs.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at UConn

    I'm sorry, what was the line on this [CENSORED] game again? Same old Illinois football. *spit*
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    Illinois 55, Minnesota 31 POSTGAME

    What team did they bus in to wear Illinois uniforms today? ;) It's like on Top Gear when they kidnapped James May and snuck in The Stig to take his place. Was NOT expecting this by any stretch of the imagination.
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    USF 47, Illinois 23 POSTGAME

    I don't blame the kids one bit. The offensive playcalling, on the other hand, was... well, offensive. Very poor.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Western Kentucky

    Illinois playing stupid. Sheesh.
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    Nancy Fahey hired as Women's Basketball Coach

    Like many others, I know nada about IL women's basketball... but I'd like to. Building a winning program will help that. Another unexpected "out of the box" hire by Whitman. Gotta love it. Like her attitude.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at UCF

    Ugh. This can't possibly end well. Yeek.
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    Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

    I'm cautiously optimistic but will wait to see results. I seem to recall a similar level of exuberance and jubilation when Groce was hired and we all saw how that movie turned out.
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    Purdue 34, Illinois 31 OT POSTGAME

    Ugh. We've got MUCH farther to go than anyone thought.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

    Seriously? Of course, it's Illinois. FFS.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

    Enough with the icing B.S.