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    In one year from today...

    I suspect we'll be an extremely nervous bunch. Why? (hint: Bruce Weber will be wearing an orange blazer) Now wouldn't that be special. Mccamey getting the ball from the tip, zipping it into a slashing Davis who puts it up... 2-0, Illinois! Mike Davis starts waving to the bipartisan San Antonio...
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    Utah 60, Illinois 58 POSTGAME

    I just turned 18 and bet for the first time ever on sports. I lost 100 dollars (not counting the money I wouldve won) I am so sad and depressed right now. I am dying. This is terrible. Oh my God
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    NCAA to strip Memphis of '08 Title Game

    Good guys finish first. We were all very salty that we didn't get Rose, and ended up having a disappointing season of only 16 victories. But 16 more than memphis had that season. :thumb::laugh:
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    2009 update thread: Bertrand, Paul, Richardson, Griffey

    what could be even more interesting is the '10 team, which would have the perfect mix of Senior Leadership/Talent (Mccamey, Davis, Legion, Tisdale, Jordan, Cole, Semrau), Really talented players with some experience ( Paul, Griffey, Richardson, Bertrand) as well as Extremely talented freshman...
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    Stadium Question

    All along I've been talking about the OHIO ST game, not the Minnesota one from this weekend.
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    Stadium Question

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    Stadium Question

    I am getting tickets to the Ohio St game. I could get a First Row lower level seat in section 107 (30 yard line). If i wanted a good atmosphere and view, would you guys recommend that seat? Or would I be better off in the horseshoe? Or somewhere else? Again, Im looking for a good atmosphere and...
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    A few questions about the "other" board

    Do you guys notice how much more cynical they (IlliniBoard) are of our team, coaching staff,etc? Is there an age group the posters there tend to be in? Why is this Board so much more supportive of Weber? I get disgusted when I read that Board (I only do because it tends to have more activity...
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    I just watched Jereme Richmond play...

    Against New Trier at New Trier, which is my high school. Me and a friend sat on the Waukegan side and were literally 1 foot away from the Waukegan bench the whole night, wearing our Illini gear. Jereme's dad sat one row above me, and we even talked a little. Jereme came in, and was easily the...
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    Please read my article!

    Thanks... that means alot to me
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    Please read my article!

    Yeah, the projections were the hardest part because mathematically projecting often doesnt give realistic numbers.
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    Please read my article!

    thanks for the tip
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    Please read my article!

    Yeah I really think if its done the right way it could be very fruitful
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    Is anyone here passionate enough to write?

    How do you guys feel about the first post?
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    Please read my article! constructive criticism, feedback, etc!