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    IHSA Boys State Basketball Tournament to Return to Champaign!

    Well said. My assumption is new leadership made it a priority to bring the tourney back to CU. Was punted by previous regime(s). Agree AAU has essentially trumped HS ball for the best of the best. Even so, not every player on every team is an elite-level AAU player. Waaay cool that the...
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    IHSA Boys State Basketball Tournament to Return to Champaign!

    Love this. Supports the notion that UIUC is the basketball capital of the state. Sorry for not checking, but would assume similar story at Rupp, Allen, etc. where the state college basketball king is undisputed. I will assume both JW and BU (and staffs) deserve significant credit for this...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2020)

    Sorry if I missed it. Is Kofi's return confirmed?
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    Fighting Illini Basketball Scholarship Grid 2019-2020

    Thanks for the effort rbach. (y) How will you handle BBV? Add his 5th year after some kind of confirmation? ... or just do it? I ask because I assume if he's eligible, BBV will automatically consume the scholly. Does anyone know of (non-Crean) instances where this doesn't/didn't happen?
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Ask and ye shall receive. :) :)
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Would be interesting to see the results of simulating 100 games between 89 and 05 Illini teams. (Probably been done ad nauseum I know). Even better - choose game in simulation whose outcome closet represents simulation results and and produce a game video. Free version of this app doesn't go...
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    2020 NBA Draft

    Just a question from the uninformed... What can/will Jerry Colangelo do to assist/coach/etc. Ayo and Kofi through this process? Let's assume Jerry is interested in helping his Illini, will have the players' (i.e. not NBA, Illini, USA Basketball or NCAA) best interests at heart and provide...
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    This is pretty much the reply I expected :) The Laettner tap - although harmless - was certainly way out of bounds. AG took his punishment like a man and apologized. After he came back from his suspension, he worked his a$$ off with a ton of passion. Did he fail to box out against Sparty? Yes...
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    All the best to AG. He brought it every night. A good version of a "glue guy". Not quite Lucas Johnson, but always a warrior. Seemed like a favorite among teammates. I always thought his Dad had taught him how to get in guys' heads without anyone else knowing it was happening... which, of...
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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    I think we can agree that Ayo is no MJ23. Even so, Ayo is crazy fast in the open floor, goes to the hole fearlessly and always wants the ball at crunch time. Very MJ. Ayo is a class act but I get the sense he likes to mix it up and talk a little trash throughout the game.... Very Very MJ. Ayo...
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    This. Especially after blowing them out at Crisler the last game of the regular season. Always hard to beat someone 3X.
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    Suck it, Satan!!
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Grew up Clarksville, TN Graduated UIUC - Stayed for 2 years afterward Orange County, CA > ATL > Orange County, CA > SEA > Orange County, CA > CLT > Orange County, CA
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2019)

    So if Adam's choice depends purely on Ayo's choice, the recruiting plot is as thick as it can be - with huge implications for the future if this becomes a pattern. Assuming BU's team continues (accelerates??) their recruiting momentum and regularly generates interest from top talent, they'll...