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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    Tj seems like a really good person. He had to be dragged out on the court to be recognized. You could see the bond between him and Underwoods son. I would guess around 200 people present. I would be very surprised if we didnt get him
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    not any kind of expert here. Lots of one on one between Giorgy,Ayo and Tj. Ayo and Tj went at it pretty good and it seemed to me to be a pretty even competition Ayos shot was a lot smoother and he seemed to be more balanced when shooting. Hes developing a step back from 3 that seemed to be...
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    Notre Dame 76, Illinois 74 POSTGAME

    It wasnt the refs that lost us the game it was the one white haired ref that lost us the game He called everything aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagainst us. remember one out of bounds call in particular where Giorgy and number 11 were battling for the ball and it was clear it was off of number...
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    He is very good. We will not miss tlj at all. He is by far the best passer on the team looks for others and some of his passes were so good and unexpected that they were dropped. He was solid with his on the ball defense didnt get picked off on the pick and roll and never lost his man. Nice...