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    Iowa 72, Illinois 65 POSTGAME

    A few years ago, John Harbaugh was fined and reprimanded by the Big Ten for publicly criticizing officials. Are players held to the same standard by the league? It is my hope that BU would hold his players accountable for such public statements, but I'm guessing that Fran won't You know...the...
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    That's awesome. Still have the a retirement beard now.
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Born on a farm in Effingham County and graduated Altamont Comm. HS in 1986, Lake Land College in 1988, and SIU-C in 1990. After leaving home I have lived in Carbondale, Charleston, Edgewood, and Robinson. My youngest son was a member of the Robinson HS 2010 Class 2A state champions with Meyers...