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    Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

    Things got a little ugly this morning on Twitter between some fans and BP3. Let's be better than that.
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    English Premier League 2019-2020

    I keep forgetting that Loyalty has the general sports side of it too. This is my first year following the EPL (or any non world cup soccer for that matter). I wanted to pick someone who wasn't a traditional power like Man U or Arsenal so I went with Wolverhampton as they'd just fought their...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

    There's only one way to tell if ThaKid is here *Ahem* Aaron Bailey was never a Big Ten caliber starting QB. And now, we wait.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

    I can't remember the exact handle but white Sox fan with the orange and blue bird always seemed plugged in, he was usually the one to "confirm" commitment rumors.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2020)

    Working second shift has its bonuses. I've missed After Dark.
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    I've never seen more uncertainty in an offseason before (granted a lot of teams are in this position now, times we live in). Both leave I see us struggling to even make the tournament. Kofi stays, Ayo leaves I see us still as a top 5 B1G team and comfortably a tourney team. Ayo stays, Kofi...
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    First and only time I've ever seen an official count the basket on an offensive foul. Very strange call
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2020)

    Sorry if been discussed ad nuaseam but would there be any reasonable expectation that either of these guys would be immediately eligible? Whitney seems unlikely to come here regardless but if DJ is a realistic option it would be huge for him to be able to play next year.
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    Looking ahead to 2020-2021

    Couldn't let this go unappreciated.
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    Basketball Uniforms

    I like us wearing the blues on the road against teams who's primary color is red.
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    2020-2021 Team Makeup

    IF (and now that's a decently sized "if") we keep Kofi, lose Ayo, and add Miller all we'll need is shooters to make this a legit F4 caliber squad. If either of the transfers can push AG at the 3 spot next season (or GB if we went with a small lineup) then watch out. I was under the impression...
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    What I really want to know is when are we going to get that gorgeous SEZ he's got pictured Haha
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    Illinois 117, Lindenwood 65 POSTGAME

    My question is this: If Kofi or Ayo are 5 minutes late to shoot around the day of the Michigan St. game how equally will these rules be enforced? I'm of the mindset that the same violation should be treated equally regardless of who the player is or who we're playing, so does Griffin no...