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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I’m sorry for you and your families loss.
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    Transfers Thread

    That’s awfully blunt. 😜
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    Illini Football 2020

    Nor sure if this is the right thread, but man I would love if Lovie said this...maybe in June, but to have some sports to look forward to would lift my spirits.
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    Transfers Thread

    Haha...noted. 👍
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    Transfers Thread

    Check your sarcasm meter. Believe it’s an AG reference. ;)
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    Transfers Thread

    He intimated as much earlier
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    NCAA Tournament Canceled

    I’m not a stats guy (barely made it through stats at Altgeld :)). But found this interesting: It is discussed by Alex Tabarrok at https://marginalrevolution.... in a March 12 blog entry "Now here is the most important point. It’s the size of the group, not the number of carriers that most...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

    more of that AG!
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

    Did I miss something? Why was Kipper not in much (don't really remember him in at all)
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Can’t have unforced errors