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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    please do not ever say that is best case scenario for Ayo. A healthy Livingston is Ayos best case.
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    Nebraska's Fred Hoiberg released from hospital (3/11 Games)

    Nebraska players got the okay to leave the locker room..
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    3/3 Games

    Rutgers controlling the game early. I love it. PSU with a big first half lead too.
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    Wisconsin: Kobe King transferring, Brad Davison suspended for 1 game

    I totally agree. I’m just saying what I think the new commish was thinking with it. It should have been equal suspensions, if not worse for Davison because of his rep.
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    Wisconsin: Kobe King transferring, Brad Davison suspended for 1 game

    Alan got a F2, Davison F1. Just sucks because Alan basically missed the whole Purdue game and Davison played the whole Iowa game.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    Check these bad boys out!!
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Grand Canyon

    Boy is it nice to have a Bruno Fernando?
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Wednesday, March 13th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    Anyone going to the game today? I’ll be there for both games. It’s a night game(for once) and tickets are only $6 with open seating so I’m hoping to see a decent amount of fans there.
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    The Illinois Coaching Search

    Here's to hoping we all celebrate like this when our new head coach is officially announced
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    The Illinois Coaching Search

    I love how people worshipped Whitman after the Lovie hire, and now after 2 other coaches being hired to P5 schools that everybody is losing their mind when the application hasn't even closed yet. We need some patience. Better to make the right decision, than the quick one.
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    The Illinois Coaching Search

    Lol okay I worded that poorly. I'm saying I. Like give all of that up to see Illinois basketball be great and I'd be happier.
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    The Illinois Coaching Search

    I feel like at least 60% of IU bball fans are also ND football fans. They all seemed to be spoiled from the past.They believe every top coach at every level should be interested in their job. That being said, I have always followed Illini basketball and will until the day I die. It is my...