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    Lou Henson dies at 88

    Sorry to hear. Great memories from Levi Cobb to the final four! RIP Lou.
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    Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

    DRE!!!! GOPAIGN!!!
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    2020-21 Starting 5 Poll

    Frazier Monte Hutch Miller Kofi Don't see 2 freshman stating, Ayo back, Monte not starting.
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    Illini HC Poll

    Really, Groce instead of Lou!
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Given the uncertainty of virtually everything, not shocking that there is minimal coordination, especially with the NCAA involved. I am holding out hope that there are college sports in the fall or at least in the spring. GO ILLINI! GO Sports in general! Watched some premiere league soccer...
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    At this point, I will be happy if there is a basketball season period! CA has closed state U campuses for the fall. No on campus students, likely no games. I am hopeful there is a season, but it will clearly not be business as usual.
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Likely Brown decides before Ayo. typically the transfers are headed somewhere in a couple weeks. Ayo has at least until early June.
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    NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Rule

    Schools or conferences cannot facilitate or help athletes locate or arrange endorsements The NCAA pretty much looks the other way at money going to athletes now, certainly for the blue bloods. While Ayo, Kofi, Giorgi or whoever could not be wearing an Illini uniform in ads, he would likely be...
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Hopefully there is a season! I saw that Purdue has announced campus will be open in the fall. Hopefully the rest of the BIG follows suit and most of the rest of the country. I know Boston U had discussed online only in the fall. No students on campus, likely no games, whether fans or not...
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    Adam Miller signs with Illinois

    Anyone have a national recruiting class ranking update? Glad to hear Miller time is official. GO ILLINI!
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    The G League

    Wonder if the virus is entering the commits minds regarding the season. Sounds like campuses may be shut in the fall, if so, unfortunately likely no hoops. May be competing with football in the spring. Hopefully all returns to semi-normal, but who knows. Not sure if G league would be more...
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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    Hey, it was a pretty darn good season, My wife and I traveled to see the Iowa game, who thought it would be the last one. Tough news about Alan, but the rumors floating are intriguing. GO ILLINI!
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    2020 Illinois Basketball Appreciation Thread

    Never dreamed that my trip to Champaign would be for the last game. Very encouraging and enjoyable season. Hopefully the trend continues. Last game for sure for Dre, Tyler and Kipper, likely Ayo, slight possibility for Kofi. Very grateful to have an enjoyable season. Strong recruiting...
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    Big Ten Tournament

    The devil's daughter is on the bachelor now, my wife is watching. Trying to hold back the barf.. Supposedly she is a virgin. And her dad never cheated nor did anyone on his staff. Giving the wife a break as she accommpanied me from MA to the game Sunday.
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    NET Rankings / Bracketology

    For those of you complaining about the NET rankings, our current RPI is 51. Not even on page 1. Per real time RPI. Thankfully that is no longer the recommended tool. 36 in NET. 29 in kenpom. 2nd #8 seed per Bracket project matrix, which compiles a bunch of the other rankings. Best we...