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    Baltimore politician demands Ravens silence linebacker for supporting gay marriage

    Speaking of deplorable acts. If allowed a free hand, today's youth will even assault senior citizens and infringe on their rights to free speech and religion.
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    Some Indianapolis info needed

    For authentic food and a quirky New Orleans atmosphere, Zydeco's Cajun Restaurant is worth the drive to Mooresville, about 5 miles south of airport. Reservations would be a good idea on weekends.
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    Illinois Music Collection

    Listen with caution, wistful expats. It's sweet enough to put you out of your misery. Dan the Man
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    Physics breakthru? Cern measures neutrino faster than light.

    BBC: Neutrinos clocked at light-speed in new Icarus test The 2nd CERN group in Nov said their results suggested that neutrinos would not exhibit the odd behavior. They've now completed measurements clocking them at the expected light speed.
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    2012 Illinois Marathon - Champaign-Urbana, IL - April 26-28

    Facebook page: The Illinois Marathon ‎Helen Ting: The poster is available now at Body n Sole in Savoy and will soon be available on our website. You'll also find it for sale at the Health Expo, where you pick up your run packet.
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    Physics breakthru? Cern measures neutrino faster than light.

    Doubts cast on faster-than-light neutrinos experiment Measurements by Gran Sasso physicists suggest neutrinos cannot have travelled faster than the speed of light.
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    Physics breakthru? Cern measures neutrino faster than light.

    The Japanese and Fermi Lab say they will test the idea, with Argonne Nat. Labs out of the running- BBC: Argonne atom smasher shuts down today, after more than 25 years I like snipe hunting in a welding helmet. And just for asking you get a short bonus essay- Particles are super light...
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    Monumental Posts

    America's first. 9.24.1906 Thanks Teddy!
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    Rare corpse flower about to bloom at U of I greenhouse

    I think it probably fooled the staff. It bloomed ~11 PM Saturday night when no visitors were there to see. It didn't open up fully and was nearly completely closed again by Sunday afternoon. By then the stalk had begun to shrivel, which considering the shape and size seemed inevitable. It...
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    Rare corpse flower about to bloom at U of I greenhouse

    Uh oh! WIU's is bigger and faster . . .
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    University of Illinois Campustown Fire at 625-627-629 E. Green St. (Zorbas, Mia Za's, Pitaya), Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Champaign, IL

    I am enjoying a Zorb's gyro as takeout from their Taste of Champaign tent. The Eatfest continues until 10 PM Sat & from 11 - 6 PM Sunday. Owner Matt Mortenson was quoted on TV saying Zorba's would reopen; the timeline looks like late Fall. They will have an updated theme, obviously, as...
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    Jimmy Johns keeps corporate office in Champaign, will take licensing firm to Florida

    The new WI governor has been making statements like that. Yet even with increased IL corporate tax, Wisconsin's rates are higher. Those nagging little details . . .