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    English Premier League 2020-2021

    The new handball rule is ruining the game. Andy Carroll came on late in the Tottenham vs New Castle match and was purposely heading the ball at defenders arms in the box. The entire team would shout for a penalty on each attack and they were finally awarded one in late stoppage time. Prior to...
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Tonight's game postponed. The Cardinals are ruining baseball.
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    Bobby Roundtree vows to walk again

    It was at the bottom of the WCIA article: .
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    2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread: Toronto/Edmonton Bubble Version

    I'm still trying to figure out why the Blackhawks get stuck with the 9:30PM start time for their next 2 games.
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    English Premier League 2019-2020

    Wow - I didn't realize how bad it's gotten at Hull City. They are likely to be relegated for the 2nd time in just over 3 years.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    If they made the announcement this week, pitchers would have more than a month before the June 10 Spring Training Pt2 starts. They could easily throw at home / wherever they currently are. I'm guessing most of them already are throwing. 50+ days should be plenty of time.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Keith Law is clueless about so much. I wouldn't be surprised if this falls in that category as well.
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    TV Shows

    I've been binge watching Letterkenny (Hulu). One of the funniest shows I've seen in years.
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    Chicago Cubs 2020 Season

    Unfortunately, once he leaves Arizona, that becomes a lazy fly ball to the left fielder.
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    English Premier League 2019-2020

    Why - so Arsenal has some company?