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    Illini Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2020

    Somewhat surprised that Jenna Smith and Michelle Bartsch weren't already add to the names listed by previous posters that also stuck out to me. Think about the list of our history as a sports program...the first SEVERAL classes are going to have people in them that make you say "that's...
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    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    They had *2* 1,000 yard receivers last year in Godwin and Evans (Evans is 6'5", so a nightmare matchup with a solid QB) They have *2* talented TE's to throw to Head coach Bruce Arians I think it is a pretty good spot personally...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2020)

    Back in the Weber years, we rarely had more than 1 walk on that made it onto the roster. I'm not sure if they just use managers (who are typically solid basketball players themselves) or what. I know there are always people who were recruited to play at a lower level who choose to go to U of I...
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    2019-2020 Predictions Thread

    This wasn't a terrible take...good prediction on the 4 seed and double bye being sealed up the last day of the season...
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    The Kingfisher

    I do refer to Stanford as the trees sometimes. And Indiana State for that matter. But it is tongue in cheek.
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    Nebraska's Fred Hoiberg released from hospital (3/11 Games)

    I picked the first round of the ACC tourney and the first round of the SEC tourney in the manner that would benefit the Illini...however the NET. So no, I'd say it isn't too late from my perspective at least!
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    NCAA Tournament Bracketology

    You do realize "into the top 30" and "in the 20's" are at most 1 number apart right?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2020)

    Those "questionable" roster decisions at ISU led to several years of talented and fun-to-watch basketball teams. I started following that team when Chris Babb (PSU), Royce White (Minn), Korie Lucious (MSU) and Chris Allen (MSU) were all playing or sitting their transfer years because I could...
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    Astros' Jeff Luhnow, AJ Hinch fired for sign stealing

    Betting there is a strict "no outside garbage cans allowed" rule in force this year. Tough to sneak one of those thru security...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Penn State, Tuesday, February 18th, 5:30pm CT, FS1

    Hoping we can start to right the ship a little bit...been a rough couple of weeks for the beloved. Beating Penn State would be a nice way to start to rebound.
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    Trent drew another charge...can't remember who the first half that was awesome too. But the ref called it a block. I could almost count to 2 Mississippi between Trent getting set and contact being made with the other player it seemed. Trent played excellent defense for sure.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Rutgers, Saturday, February 15th, 3:30pm CT, BTN

    This one will be a grind, as will the PSU game. I feel like even without Ayo both are winnable...but it is going to take an exceptional effort and several players stepping up. We've still got a reasonable path to a double bye...but we've gotta bring our A game each night. That starts with...
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    I know the injury sucks...and losing by 1 to MSU sucks in the manner it happened. But I'd sure hate to look at life or Illini fandom thru the eyes of some of the posters on here.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan State, Tuesday, February 11th, 8:00pm CT, ESPN

    especially below average in meaningful moments lately.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2020)

    Agreed. Trent would run circles in that league...just like Nunn did...regardless of how terrible someone thinks Trent is comparatively. Suggesting that Te'Jon was going to become the player Trent is at Illinois is a bit of a stretch, IMO. But Te'Jon is playing really good in the conference...