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    Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

    I did not see this coming. He seemed to completely gel with the team Hot take...he is going to go to Duke to play with his brother (really based on nothing).
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    Pregame: Illinois at Penn State, Tuesday, February 18th, 5:30pm CT, FS1

    Looks like the line is now Penn State -6.5. That feels about right and honestly gives a lot of respective to our team (sans Ayo). While I certainly hope Ayo is healthy enough to play and he does and we beat Penn State at their house, is there necessarily a downside to sitting him and giving him...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

    I just can't get behind Lovie anymore and have been a cheerleader of his ever since he started at Illinois. Given the influx of talent this year, I thought that we would be better (or atleast competitive) but that is most certainly not the case. Gotta believe this is on the coaching staff...
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    Poll for Chicagoland UIUC grads

    For me, this is really a combination of factors primarily (i) time getting to/from Champaign and (ii) not ideal game dates/times, especially for basketball. I’ve been trying to get a group of friends together to swing down for a game but there is usually one game a year at a decent time on the...