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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Tyler & Kipper are Starting.
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    3/3 Games

    We control our own destiny for Big Ten Title! Now lets win these last two!
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    3/3 Games

    Now Boiler Up. Go Purdue!
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    3/3 Games

    Rutgers up 20 on Maryland (y)
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    3/3 Games

    that happened last week against Iowa IDK maybe it happened before too
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    Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

    anybody see a good picture of the crowd from yesterday?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    Deon just announced that the Illini fans outnumber the Northwestern.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

    free throws are killing us again
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

    Sure he is . . . they just aren't calling it.
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    2/5 Games

    Purdue by 31; I love it. My 2nd favorite team - whoever's playing Iowa!
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    2/5 Games

    Away from Carver.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Maryland, Friday, February 7th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

    I Just hope they spend some extra time this week shooting in the SFC
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Minnesota, Thursday, January 30th, 6:30pm CT, FS1

    I'll settle for Minnesota last year,;)
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    1/27 Games

    I don't want Bardo doing any more Illinois games; he goes out of his way to be critical of Illinois
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    Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

    Why not Purdue or Michigan?