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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (September 2020)

    I would agree. However, some schools are MUCH dirtier than others. That is the problem.
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    NCAA Issues/Scandals/Corruption

    This is just like Anthony Davis's Father threatening to sue the Sun Times (or whomever it was).
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    Transfers Thread

    I was under the impression that Painter accepted the Mizzery job...and it was even announced as so for something like 1 day ? Then Painter back tracked and stayed with PU after a hefty raise?
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    2020 NBA Draft

    Better questions for 0440 are: 1. What is the chance Kofi returns to Play for Illinois Basketball next season? 2. What is the chance Ayo Returns to Play for Illinois Basketball next season? That way, going to Europe, G league, anywhere else but Illinois etc. are included in the answer.
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    NCAA Issues/Scandals/Corruption

    I thought Miller was on tape too? Maybe I am mistaken there?
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    NCAA Issues/Scandals/Corruption

    So where are Arizona's noticed of allegations ?
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Maybe we could build a bridge and get over it? But I guess that would mean Lovie was gone?
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Or a bridge to nowhere...with same result as usual.
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    Transfers Thread

    Good info...thanks for posting. But your secret is safe. The info you revealed is essentially what has been speculated x1000 on these message boards. So no new info really. Just nice to know the speculation was true after all.
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    Hmmmm. I thought Hamilton was injured before that game (game before)? Ankle I think? But it was really bad and he was only about 50 %. But I could be wrong.
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    Hmmm...You don't sound all that confident here. Sounds like a 50/50 thing rather than the no-brainer it should be?
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    2020-2021 Team Makeup

    So you mean we need Tev to start playing to his potential? :)
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    2020-2021 Team Makeup

    You are misremebering. After the first year with Paul, Richardson, etc. our team going forward with Weber would have been with Jalen James, Michael Orris, Ibby, Henry, Langford, and Shaw in addition to Egwu & Abrams. James and Orris as our guards would have sunk us. We would have been looking...
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    Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

    It was not a bad call. They made a similar illegal screen call earlier on Kipper. Kipper's was more of a bad call than this one.