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    Italy Tour

    I have to disagree with your statement above as I have replayed numerous games and saw he is one of the worst defenders letting numerous players drive by him or being completely overmatched and allowing his opponent to score at will....i like damonte and hope for the best from him but we have...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    It's McLeansboro, my hometown....
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    I hoped samba would stay just as much as anyone but, was he going to get 10 mins a game this year.....???? I thought he had good potential but as many have said why set the bench when you can play at a mid major ? you only get a certain number of years to play and if he is a competitor he wants...
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    How to watch the Illini

    I've been using Hulu for over a year now and the TV guide is really bad.....hard to use and hangs up all the time...they did a software update recently and I have had numerous crashes where it goes back to the Roku home menu and have to log in again to resume watching...It happens on sports...
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    How to watch the Illini

    How to watch the Illini ??????
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    James Augustine Born February 27, 1984 (age 35) Midlothian, IllinoisNationality AmericanListed height 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)Listed weight 238 lb (108 kg)
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    Transfer Rules Change

    Can there actually any more lying done........It's a cesspool....24/7/365 cesspool...... live long and prosper......
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    gif posting is fluid
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    Coaching Carousel

    Wonder what the contract numbers are with the cav's contract....$$$$$....??????
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    your avatar really goes well with your
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    FBI College Basketball Corruption Investigation

    Expecting the NCAA to come down on Kansas, UNC, puke or any other cash cows is the same as believing in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or any other factious icons today.........If they ever developed a spine and did hand down discipline to the dirty ilk bluebloods then they would open discussion on...
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    News-Gazette: Brad Underwood cleared in DIA Investigation into his coaching

    IDKWMSI might have an upset tummy and miss the game...
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    News-Gazette: Brad Underwood cleared in DIA Investigation into his coaching

    " When coach Underwood says get on the treadmill, you get on the damn treadmill. " " Not again, please no more . " " The treadmill conspiracy holds no water......Drink, drink from the Illini tree of life " " It's treadmill time soldier "........
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    Virginia 85, Texas Tech 77 OT

    Every highlite I've seen today about the Va-satan game describes the last second 3 pter foul called as " controversial "....It was a closed and kudos to the ref for calling it.....The double dribble was a glaring " missed call "....i said out loud " thats a double dribble " but was...