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    NCAA Tournament Canceled

    As a Bradley fan and Illinois Fan, this makes me infinitely sad.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    The white haired ref hates us
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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    Was watching on delay. All I know after watching the all access version is this 48 year old feels like going to the gym and working on my game and seeing if either Coach Underwood or Coach Chambers has room for a 48 year old walk on.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2020)

    I’m pretty sure Meyers’ last season was Weber’s last season. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are saying here.
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    Illinois 79, Purdue 62 POSTGAME

    Just want to throw in my two cents here since I’m still giddy after waking up. 1) Let me get this out of the way, the HRF/Sergio/Lucas/Bradford etc. team above was probably my favorite Illini team ever. More than ‘89, more than ‘05. 2) If we make a run to the 2nd weekend, the exposure that...
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Non-alum here....grew up in Pekin, went to school at Bradley (didn't go far), stayed in Peoria for a couple years after graduation, West Chicago burbs ever since (Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora, back to Naperville.)
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    I’ve disagreed with virtually every call the refs have made, even the ones in our favor.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

    I like the group of Frazier, Ayo, Griffin, Kipper and Kofi. As long as Kipper continues to play with confidence
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

    She’s the person who drives everyone crazy
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    2020-2021 Team Makeup

    I believe this as well. Their skills and Curbelo being a willing passer is something I'm really excited about. I just hope this year doesn't turn into a disaster, Underwood gets canned (I think even with an NIT bid, while disappointing, he sticks around) and Curbelo, Miller & Hawkins all go...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    I’m in full on complaining mode..., but we’ve been terrible ever since that lady got those front row seats
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    I’ll be honest, we I don’t love our players right now. Bush league crap, zero effort, just gross
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    You can complain about Dakich if you want, but if he was the coach you I’d guarantee we wouldn’t be chasing 20 in the first half.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    I don’t even know what to say.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Arizona

    signed up for a 7 day trial on that carries Pac 12 network...just remember to cancel in the next 7 days