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    Illini Football 2019

    more like "Get off my lawn while you're yelling at someone else to get off your lawn!" o_O
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    Rob Jordan passed away

    Such sad news. RIP, Rob, and condolences to AJ and the family. It's been mentioned already, but I think it's worth repeating. Both Rob and AJ embody the core ideals of what I think most of us want Illini Nation to stand for. The passion, work ethic, and sense of community that AJ displays is a...
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    Bobby Roundtree suffers severe spinal injury

    not sure if anyone around these boards is a racing fan, but in case anyone wants to learn about recovery from spinal injuries (and read/see some truly inspiring stuff), I'd encourage you to learn about Robert Wickens. He's an indycar driver that had a nasty accident last year and had severe...
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    Bobby Roundtree suffers severe spinal injury

    Unfortunately happens sometimes out in the sandbars. I was actually boating last Friday and went out to a sandbar not far from John's Pass (not this one). The tricky part is you can't always tell visually how deep the water is. Most of the time you can see the color change indicating that it's...
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    Bobby Roundtree suffers severe spinal injury

    Absolutely terrible. Feel so bad for the guy. The hospital where he was originally admitted is less than a mile from where I live/work (I'm looking at it right now from my office window). Makes it even more real. Thoughts are with him. Wish there was a way i could help if needed given that...
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    Alma Otter

    IMO, there's a real difference between a mascot and a symbol. Mascots don't have to be symbols, and don't have to replace symbols. They can be mutually exclusive. Purdue Pete, Brutus, etc. etc. They're not the "symbol" of their respective school - more so fun way to celebrate the school at...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Sunday, March 3rd, 5:30pm CT, BTN

    agreed. some of that goes to the fans and them helping make SFC a difficult place to play. I have to say I was disappointed in the at the penn state game. I fully understand where we've been the past decade and the obvious implications of that for fans. But even the Krush was not nearly as...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    anyone notice how BU was about to put underwood in and then changed his mind when AG made that three? thought that was interesting.
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    Illinois 95, Minnesota 68 POSTGAME

    Might be over-thinking this, but I felt that BU's demeanor was much calmer and subdued last night than typical. Even when the lead wasn't huge, lots of firm but calm coaching and sitting on the bench for him. More so than the past.
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    Missouri 79, Illinois 63 POSTGAME I’ll say again I disagree with BU’s approach. But 1) this is not nearly as big of an issue as 11 pages of this thread indicates and 2) its not as outfight...
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    Missouri 79, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

    I can't believe this TU thing has turned into such a big issue Looking at advanced stats, him and AG are not that far apart. AG is a +3.6, TU is a +3.3. BU is right, TU is light years ahead of AG in defense (+5.1 TU vs +2.0 AG) but TU is light years behind in offense. I'm not saying I agree...
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    Last post on this from me - since it's off topic. Also because I'm going to choose to refrain from furthering one of your pedantic debates you seem to enjoy so much on this board. I suggest you reread my original post. You can call out all the application stats, tuition cost, etc. etc. info you...
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    I may have inferred something in what he said that I shouldn't have. But disagree with everything else you've said. I can call out as many, if not more, anecdotal exceptions as you can. Penn state grew it's endowment massively under JoePa. Sure, you can say athletics played a meaningful role...
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    I love Illinois athletics. It's the only "team" I'm truly a fan of (as opposed to casually watching and cheering for and/or just watching for entertainment purposes). But to say that a school's crappy athletic program can be extended as a direct reflection of its academic program (or vice a...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Notre Dame

    I would agree, except our best offensive stretch in this game was when TF was on the bench.