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    Game Thread: Illinois vs IPFW

    Why do we even have a Big Ten Network?
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    Week 1 college football games

    Iowa - NIU Watching the beginning of this game. Shocking how much cooler their entrance is than ours! Their place is sold out, fans are crazy, music pumping, etc...... (Gasp) why can't we have this?
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    Pregame: The Assembly Hall Renovation Project

    Basketball is a revenue generating sport, is it not? So why increase student fees?
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    Men's Basketball Intros through the years

    We need the announcer who did the Bulls' introductions when they had Jordan. Same song, too. Greatest intro of all time!
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    Alabama players accused of using Deer Antler Spray before the National Championship

    Big deal. There would be a huge public outcry if they ever found out the % of high major college and professional athletes who use performance enhancing drugs. People are very naive.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

    The best way to fix that is to continually jack up contested threes.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

    Someone stop DJ from shooting! What is he thinking?
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    Illini basketball ticket sales & deals

    I can't believe we are "hoping" to sell out games vs. ranked teams. Kentucky or Kansas would sell out a scrimmage.........
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    Single Game Tickets Thread

    Just bought Illinois tickets How is section B40? I have never sat there and it was the best available...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Georgia Tech

    Lower bowl empty seats If those with great seats are not going to show up, why not let other fans sit there? Why let our arena look so empty?
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    NCAA: Indiana freshmen Peter Jurkin and Hanner Mosquera-Perea must sit 9 games

    "The benefits included plane tickets, meals, housing, a laptop, cellphone and clothing." Oh no!!! Not meals, housing, a computer, phone, and clothes! That is the end of the world! Get a grip, NCAA. These kids are the centerpieces of a multi-billion dollar industry...... The NCAA is a joke.
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    Week 8 polls

    The Big Ten just isn't what it used to be in football.
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    SI: On and off-court, combination of Calipari and Kentucky is unbeatable

    You can thank the one and done rule for this.
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    Purdue 67, Illinois 62 POSTGAME

    Call a timeout when your team just took momentum. That was the backbreaker! This guy has to go immediately.
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    2/15 Games

    Abrams - 3 play, gets yanked. Make a few good plays, and get benched! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: