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    McCourt article

    Interesting --
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    Fighting Illini Basketball Official Visit Grid

    I like the color as a guide approach as well -- NOT saying green / yellow / red but shades -- green -- committed, yellow -- still in the running, red -- gone. Maybe shades of blue or orange or???
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    Italy Tour

    Tempo -- # of turnovers should be considered in conjunction with # of possessions. 10 turnovers in a 50 possession game (ie -- 58-52 final) is worse than 20 turnovers in a 110 possession (125-100 win).
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    Coaching Carousel

    I think Chambers from Penn St. may have saved his job.
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    Illini Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Another conference win for the ladies....
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    NCAA hammers Mizzou on academic fraud case Pretty good article....
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    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    Is there a limit of how many people can be out recruiting at one time?
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    10/30 Games

    if we are going to comment about the one rebound (and keep slamming someone who probably outperformed their ranking), then shouldn't we comment about the 16 points?
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    Michael Jordan got cut from a basketball team in high school. One of the greatest myths out there... just not true.... he did not make the varsity as a sophomore (which was pretty typical at his school - one sophomore --tall -- did make it). He play junior varsity as a sophomore and varsity...
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    Illini Football 2018

    issue is not so much the field being better.... it is the time the coaches would have to spend AWAY from the current team / training for interviews, offers, etc. and then getting the new person up to speed on what the overall plan is.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (August 2018)

    Almost always when a big name coach retires, there is a slide (at least for a while). Probably the only instance that there wasn't is Kansas (Williams to Self). Looked at what happened (for a while) after Dean Smith retired. Even Kentucky had some ugly years.
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    Welcome to the new Forum

    could have been quoted and then the message removed?