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    Coaching Carousel

    I think Chambers from Penn St. may have saved his job.
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    Illini Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Another conference win for the ladies....
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    NCAA hammers Mizzou on academic fraud case Pretty good article....
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    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    Is there a limit of how many people can be out recruiting at one time?
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    10/30 Games

    if we are going to comment about the one rebound (and keep slamming someone who probably outperformed their ranking), then shouldn't we comment about the 16 points?
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    Michael Jordan got cut from a basketball team in high school. One of the greatest myths out there... just not true.... he did not make the varsity as a sophomore (which was pretty typical at his school - one sophomore --tall -- did make it). He play junior varsity as a sophomore and varsity...
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    Illini Football 2018

    issue is not so much the field being better.... it is the time the coaches would have to spend AWAY from the current team / training for interviews, offers, etc. and then getting the new person up to speed on what the overall plan is.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (August 2018)

    Almost always when a big name coach retires, there is a slide (at least for a while). Probably the only instance that there wasn't is Kansas (Williams to Self). Looked at what happened (for a while) after Dean Smith retired. Even Kentucky had some ugly years.
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    Welcome to the new Forum

    could have been quoted and then the message removed?
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    Black 5.2 ... Finke 4.7 -- per post above...
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    Welcome to the new Forum

    like the new look. In the past, at the bottom of the page, you could click on a button on go back to the index -- can't find that now. Have to scroll back to the top of the page? Never mind - found it -- now on left hand side
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with you but the # of NBA games someone plays really isn't a good measure to how good they were in college... Steve Alford played in less than 200 games in the NBA. Also -- very hard to compare eras -- who is to say that Augustine didn't play with any other good...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May-June 2018)

    Totally agree -- got to play on the asphalt with Jay and Kenny Battle... what a great time!
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2018)

    Some schools allow their kids to graduate early and then have a partnership agreement with the local community college -- they still "attend" the high school (so the high school is getting credit for attendance for state aid) but they are really taking community college courses so at the end of...