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    2020 NBA Draft

    What does 'negative momentum' mean in this context?!
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    How about a simulated Final Four with '84, '89, '01, '05 ??
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    We lost the 7-10 game to USC in the BPI one,,, we were the 7.
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    Illinois 78, Iowa 76 POSTGAME

    Jeezus H Gamecast-ticker-give-my-ticker-an-attack Christ!
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    Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

    DW is an underrated passer IMO, especially in transition. That is all.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Is the Hall a'rockin'?
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    NET Rankings / Bracketology

    OSU's estimated final NET ranking is 25, ours is 29 (that may be what he meant).
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    I beg your pardon?

    If you stare at the ball long enough you start to imagine it's some sort of nuclear dino-lizard from the movies holding it!
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    Illinois 79, Purdue 62 POSTGAME

    Jarret Jack? (#2 above) Edit: nope
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    Pregame: Illinois at Purdue, Tuesday, January 21st, 6:00pm CT, ESPNU

    Totally, like coach said, "there are no upsets in the B10," so if you're buyin' the notion that anyone can beat anyone, then losing in a hostile environment to a good team is nothing to freak out about. Even in a blowout L, as long as it doesn't appear that we were nonchalant at the start or we...
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    Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

    I don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other on whether the Son of Nitty should start or come off the bench, but the problem with arguing the latter is that we're winning games with him starting, and the assertion, "Yeah, but we'd be even better with AG starting!" is impossible to make.
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    Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

    If we were to revisit the squabble from last week over the distance in feet of Trent's three-point attempts, and the Northwestern game was used as n=1, those arguing he takes long threes would be victorious.
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    Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

    I think my favorite thing about the post-game threads is the opposing coach's comments. Especially lately, you get the sense that they honestly respect the job BU is doing and view the Illini as legit. That makes me confident. And for some reason, I like it when the opposing coach refers to our...
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    2020-2021 Team Makeup

    I'd maybe have gone with "improved" or something here :)