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    Illinois League of Legends Team

    Hey guys, Just posting to show some love to our League of Legends team, who advanced to the semifinals of the college championships yesterday. For those who don't know, League is the most popular video game in the world, and regularly has millions simultaneously tuning in to online broadcasts to...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    So there's no hope of ever getting to Stratego levels? Just UNO levels?
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    Illinois 70, Missouri 64 POSTGAME

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women is best
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    Wake Forest 80, Illinois 73 POSTGAME

    I was there as well. You forgot to mention the uproar from the fans any time a foul was called on WF, God forbid. Also, they have a promotion that if an opposing team misses 2 straight FTs in the last 8 minutes that everyone gets free Chick-Fil-A. The loudest the building ever got was during...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wake Forest, Tuesday, November 28th, 8:00pm CT, ESPNU

    Is there a way of finding out whether the band and/or the Krush will be there for this game? I'm a grad student at Wake Forest now but my loyalties still lie with my undergrad (Illinois). As such, this is an awesome upcoming game for me and I hope that one of the two, if not both will be present.
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    Memorial Stadium Renovation

    To be fair there's also a certain cool feeling about being only with students and not having to worry about random people turning and staring when you shout, go crazy, or do other student gameday related actions.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    We're going to build a wall around the ARC, and Ohio State is going to pay for it.
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    Mascot for University of Illinois?

    Chief or Bust. Can't believe people have given in to the fact that they're moving on. No mascot to forever remember the administration's lack of spine and fight.
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    Lovie Smith Named Illinois Football Coach

    Well time to start paying attention to the ol' football program again. Good job Mr. Whitman, good job.
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    Grange Grove (New West Side Tailgating Area)

    Gotcha, gotcha. That's correct, I didn't know it was someone from the DIA. Thanks for the heads up :shield:
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    Grange Grove (New West Side Tailgating Area)

    Over the year(s) I've seen plenty of things similar to: "Shame on the students, they should have some pride and show up" "They should be in attendance. When I was there the student section was always packed" AKA the back in my day argument. The thing is, from 2010-2014 the only exciting years...