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    15th Anniversary of the Illini Elite Eight comeback vs. Arizona

    Herb Gould with a story on the 2005 Illini Dramatic Comeback vs. Arizona Only One Reason Why 2005 Illini Are Still Adored
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    Illini made the Elite 8 in the simulation on Busting Brackets too, with a victory over Duke!
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    Nebraska's Fred Hoiberg released from hospital (3/11 Games)

    So... Grand Canyon (vs UKMC 3/12 4:30 PM CST) Arizona (vs Washington 3/11 4:30 PM CST) Hawaii (vs UC Davis 3/12 10:30 PM CST) Old Dominion (vs Florida Atlantic 3/11 6:00 PM CST) Miznoz (vs Texas A&M 3/12 6:00 PM CST) North Carolina A&T (vs Howard 3/11 7:00 PM CST)
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    Big Ten Tournament

    With 2 of their guards suspended, Nebraska is adding 2 of their football players to the team for the B1G tourney.
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    2020 NBA Draft

    To his credit, Kofi kept the ball up high much more tonight, especially with the early alley-oops! :D
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    2020 NBA Draft

    OK, yes, I understand he does need to dribble sometimes, especially if he's backing a defender down and keeping the ball away from him. But I have often seen him catch the ball deep and immediately dribble once without moving any closer to the basket. He needs to keep the ball up high in those...
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    3/7 Weekend Games

    Jerry Palm had Utah State in his last 4 in his bracket he posted this morning
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    2020 NBA Draft

    Agreed! My wife told me (from another room) to stop yelling at the screen because I shouted "STOP PUTTING IT ON THE FLOOR"
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    3/3 Games

    I've watched almost every Gonzaga game this season. They're good, but not as good as previous seasons. Their defense isn't as good as before, and they cough up too many turnovers. I don't see them getting past the second weekend.
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    3/3 Games

    Kentucky about to lose to Tennessee
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    3/3 Games

    Anybody else think Pat Chambers looks like Victor Maitland from Beverly Hills Cop?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    AG for 3 again!