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    Game Thread: Illinois vs New Mexico State

    Why do we always play like trash in Chicago
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Marshall

    Nice energy from the team, guys flying at the rim. Been missing this for a long time. Even when they are not playing that great, it's fun to watch.
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    Older Fighting Illini Merchandise

    For an update, I contacted nike about this awesome shirt design and they said they will email me the catalogs from the years (I said circa 2004-2007). Hopefully I can find it and order it again, we'll see.
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    Older Fighting Illini Merchandise

    Hi, I had an awesome nike shirt (white with a circular fighting on top and illini on bottom with a basketball in the middle with chief in the middle (i think?). I got lots of positive comments on it at the time. Not sure where it went. Does anyone have any idea of how to buy older out of...
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    EIU 80, Illinois 67 (Exhibition) POSTGAME

    How the hell does Finke as the tallest player on the team have 0 rebounds all game? Seems like he's trying to play the 2 or 3 in a "positionless" team that really needs a 4 or 5.
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    Illini Coaching Staff

    The cynic in me thinks that these coaches in Chicago see an open position at Illinois as just a pile of money to be had. And when they suggest someone it's just about getting that money up to the Chi.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

    I think Tilmon should just go to Missouri if he wants. Playing against a really good big in practice might make him better. I wonder if the dad is gonna suddenly get a nice new job with a pay raise lol. Illini will be alright without him. The long term matters more than any one recruit. I think...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

    I think I've heard of schools releasing a player but blocking them signing with specific schools. I guess that's just transfers, any way they can do that with recruits that signed loi?
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    Illini Coaching Staff

    I wonder if some of this has to do with the opportunity learn Underwoods "system". It doesn't hurt to say that his former assistant just got the HC job at Oklahoma based most likely on retaining that system.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

    If true this has to be about Smith choosing Missouri and Tilmon jumping ship on that.
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    North Carolina 71, Gonzaga 65

    When UNC, Duke or Kentucky win a championship, it makes the NCAA look like the WWE.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

    Guys, barring some Illinois fan, we aren't winning 5 star Chicago kids. Basically Illinois is not even in the conversation until they have a good coach and proven success. These Chicago high school coaches, man when kids make it in the NBA, they come back with thousands of dollars and drop them...
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    North Carolina 71, Gonzaga 65

    One of the worst games of college bball for a championship. Basically makes the NCAA look like the WWE. Lets call it tight guys, the team with the most big guys wins ok... so lame.
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    Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

    Everyone is putting this on Underwood, let's not forget it takes two to tango. Our AD arrived with a jersey and a sign and had the guy pose for a photo that night. In the words of Chicago's R Kelly "hey homie, if you ain't got no money, better keep her away from me, you dig"
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    Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

    hate to say it, but dude rode a very good point guard. Our last coach rode a very good point guard at ohio. He needs to show he can recruit, I do think he has good X and Os based on what ppl said here.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

    The commentators take a lil swipe at Groce who spent the time "trying to motivate his players" while Beilein was "drawing up plays". At some point you've "gotta talk about basketball" lol. This game will be the nail in the coffin for many.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Maryland

    Lets see if Groce can coach, just a half game experiment.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs BYU

    Just like to say how much i've enjoyed hearing about how great this BYU team is all game and how great their game plan is... if they were winning.
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    3/19 Games

    Funny how Calipari was out there saying "everyone else is gonna suffer because we were under seeded" and then they go and lose to a lower seeded team.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

    Alright fellas, its been rough, i'm out for now. Hard to watch this team not play defense.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

    Another halftime, another stupid promotion of UNC and Duke by the analysts... thanks guys!
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    12/2 Games: Big Ten/ACC Challenge

    Big Ten won again, not a peep on ESPN or an article I could find, if the ACC win it would be in the front page I bet.
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    Northwestern 24, Illinois 14 POSTGAME

    Pfft, the only thing sadder than keeping Cubit around is that Beckmans former team Toledo is ranked in the top 25 and we're about a million miles from there right now... I think the interim AD is too chicken to make any moves on his own, too bad.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs UAB

    Perhaps Gottlieb could tell us how amazingly athletic the UAB team is... for the billionth time
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    Louisville Sex Scandal

    Pitino will go This is part of a known character flaw for Pitino, as he had an affair and paid for an abortion previously and tried to cover it up while having a priest come along on road trips. Now with more sexual related improprieties, how can this not be the end? What kind of leadership is...